Want to make the most of the new Magic:The Gathering set, Iconic Masters? Let’s take this IMA sleigh to the Value Town it deserves. Without further ado, our Iconic Masters League starts Monday 20.11 @ 12:00!

Prizes = 1 x Iconic Masters booster per player into the prizepool! Also, numerous loots from the OMG loot chest, which will be stuffed with cards that say you have won an Iconic Masters booster! (Mid-Season leaguers are eligible for non-IMA loot promos)
• Duration: 4 weeks (20.11-17.12, OMG open Sunday 17.12) & you may join at any point during this time.
• Entry fee = 30 € (10€/booster).
• Open the 3 Iconic Masters boosters and make a 30+ deck (about 12 lands & 18 spells).
• Ask to loot from the OMG Loot Chest after every 15 matches. You might win a free IMA booster!
• Max.15 matches/week, max. once against the same opponent/week
• One match win is worth 1 point. Additional 1 point if more wins than losses per week.
• Points are gathered from your 2 best weeks.
• Matches must be played at OMG.
• Matches are best of one with a free mulligan OR best of three WITHOUT the free mulligan.
• Players may purchase additional IMA league boosters once a week and/or after 3 losses.
• Players fill in the match record card after each match. Separate weeks from each other.
• Mark ‘LB’ or ‘WB’ on your match record card after you buy a booster (weekly/looser -booster).
• Match record cards are stored next to the register. Decks go with the players!
• No decklists!
• Prizepool distribution will be determined after results are gathered.
• Coffee is always free at OMG! :)

Need more info on the Iconic Masters set itself? Click here.

Iconic Masters Booster Drafts at least on Friday & Saturday (17-18.11.17). Check out the OMG Calendar for events and join us for a superb time! Welcome to the Magical Christmas land of OMG!