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OMG-bunkers first alternate art card -competition has beached!

Competition rules:

1. Competition starts: Now!

2. Participation fee = 15 €. After which you choose three (3) boosters from the following sets:

  • Shadows Over Innistrad (release day Friday 8.4)
  • Oath of the Gatewatch
  • Battle for Zendikar
  • Origins

3. Open the boosters in front of Supi and choose one card to alter. Didn’t like what you got? No problem! Repeat step 2 and after the payment you’ll receive another 3 boosters.

4. When you’ve decided on the card you’re going to, Supi will sign you up with the name of the card and you’re in the competition.

5. Paint your card either at the OMG bunker using our free paints (bring your own brush), or you can paint the card at home. *Remember! Coffee is always free at OMG. 😉

6. Deadline: Tuesday 31.5.

7. Voting: Wednesday 1.6 – Thursday 30.6. All paying customers are eligible to vote one (1) favorite artwork.

8. Award ceremony: Saturday 2.7.
Initial prizes (if 50+ participants, prizepool & surprise prizes will grow):

  • 1st place = 50 OMG credits
  • 2nd place = 30 OMG credits
  • 3rd place = 20 OMG credits

For more info on card altering, check out the link. It will give you some idea on what sort of altering is tournament legal and what’s not:


Oh My Game, or in short, OMG; is a retail store in Vantaa, Finland, Myyrmanni Shopping Mall to be exact. It’s run by gamers, for gamers. We have a vast arsenal of games for all ages and preferences. Here are just a few reasons why you should definitely become our customer:

  • Games Workshop miniatures for sale
  • Gaming & painting tables for hobbyists, with free scenery & paints!
  • New & used video games for sale, as well as their by-products
  • Retro games & consoles for sale
  • You can exchange your old video games & consoles for credits (that you can use to buy anything we have for sale)
  • Magic The Gathering & Pokemon gaming cards for sale
  • Board games for sale (mostly in Finnish but we can order almost anything)
  • Snacks & beverages for sale
  • Level Tree -regular customer benefits, for instance birthday presents, summer sales and many more!
  • Coffee is always free for people inside the store
  • …and of course we have our pleasant customer service…that would be me. =)

If you have any questions, at all, please feel free to pop in for a cup of coffee and I’ll make myself available ASAP.

A sincere and warm welcome to all. Let the games begin!


Oh, and if you’d like a peek at what kind of games we’ve enjoyed over the years, take a look at this list!



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